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Re: My tach install thread

I have been considering this EXACT SAME mod!!! Man, I am definitely tuning in to this thread.

My ideas were similar to yours, but I was planning to disassemble the gauge, which meant gently prying open the crimp on the chrome bezel. If you did this, you might be able to utilize the factory gauge plates. Looking at your set-up, I might just do the way you're doing it, as it looks much easier than my way.

I was going to contact one of the gauge overlay companies and see if they would make me an overlay with the correct green lettering to match the rest of the cluster. I found overlays for 5,000 rpm and 6,500 rpm faces, but nothing to match the new Sun tach's 8,000 rpm sweep.

If you're looking for a cheap idea to fill the left side of the cluster, check out my '64 build thread and see how I did my vacuum gauge for cheap.
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