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Re: '67-'72 Kick Panel speaker enclosures

Originally Posted by jimmydean View Post
I kinda thought the dimmer might be an issue. I worked for a while on location before I finally just got rid of the vent and stuffed my 6.5's in there. You can't see my speakers very well by just looking in the window, that was the main objective.

Great looking work and a lot better than the ABS ones.
Thanks jimmydean. When I first started making these it was because I thought the ABS ones looked cheap and cheesy. I have had several offers to make a mold and mass produce these from fiberglass but I'm old fashoned and insist on making them myself. Guess I'll never get rich at selling them but, I'm not gonna "cheap" em out either. I'm ok with selling a few and putting the money towards my ole '70. It's forums like this that keep the little guy alive and the dream of having something different than anyone else.
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