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Question Re: Father / Daughter ’70 Short Bed Resto…

So I thought I would reach out to the community in hopes for some help regarding my "VIN" confusion as related to this project.

I purchased this vehicle out of GA on a Deed of Sale only...No Title was available as the State of GA does not require title to register for this year group and after the original owner no longer transferred title...yea I have done some research already. In my title search, the GA DMV did send me some info that had the Title # once assigned to this vehicle...and it was registered and titled in GA last as a 1970 Chevy C10. According to GA, they will not send me a copy of the last known title as they do not have a file of it. ?????? confused.

YES...Lesson Learned....Never purchase a vehicle W/O a title!!!!!!!

So now I am being faced with having to go through an arduous Surety Bond process to get her titled here in my state of New Mexico.

So my cry for help is this...the only VIN information I have been able to confirm is the plate on the door jam, which matches the stamped portion of the VIN on the frame, (both locations on frame)...which also matched the number on the glove box door label.

So all my numbers match on the truck...HOWEVER...those numbers do not make any sense with any "Decoder rings" I have read to date (even the service manuals)...I am thoroughly confused and frustrated cuz it seems like by these numbers I may not even have a 1970 Chevy C10 base...I do realize this number was originally built with a V6 and different tranny...I am okay with that.

So can anyone help decipher this VIN please? CS149B822602
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