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Re: 1 JL audio 12 w7 or 3 10" shallow mount pioneers?

Originally Posted by tubbedII View Post
Got the measurements of the top (just remember the bottom is a little bit smaller due to the shape). The length is 21", the width is 11" and height is 9". Given this, a 12" isn't going to fit inside, and maybe a little pressed for for a 10" too given you have to consider 3/4" or more of mdf thickness.
Tubbed, thanks for the measurements. That one part will go a long way in getting Haze what he wants.

Hazieview, don't just go by the console measurements alone. Measure the space between your seats as well. Add factors of what you may want length and height wise to the end result. When others look at projects they generally look at the overall before they break down the details. Some very custom projects have looked very stock to the casual observer. Since you are going to modify the console, do as Tubbed said (and I did) look for a used / cheaper unit to start. Take your measurements. Compare results w/ woofer parameters. If space permits, plan out widening and lengthening the stock console for your needs. You can get what you want and at the same time be so subtle people will rarely notice. I pray it all works out for you.

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