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Re: 1 JL audio 12 w7 or 3 10" shallow mount pioneers?

Originally Posted by Hazieview View Post
Well Crap! The 10" w7 is only 750 watts. Seems like I'm back to square 1. Even 2 pioneer shallow mounts put out 800 watts. Maybe I wasted everyone's time here... Sorry guys. I just can't see the 10" w7 center mount worth the money or the trouble to make the customization worth while.

I really appreciate all the information you guys gave me and have enjoyed the chat. Sorry to let you guys down. Any other ideas?

Or should I just stick with shallow mounts? I think it will be better given all the previous information.

Thanks guys!
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Lets not give up yet. Right now what you are doing is jumping from idea to idea based on pieces of data. Lets look at the FACTS and make a sound decision.
It appears volume is your priority w/ clarity secondary. You WANT a twelve inch. It also appears you want the easiest installation possible.

OK, we know a 12 will NOT fit directly w/o custom work. Question 1: Do you have enough space to put a 12" between your seats? That is 12.5" total for the sub itself and another 1.5" for .75" MDF on each side. So do you have 14" between your seats (including mounts and seatbelts)? Question 2: Are you willing / able to build the custom box?

If you answer no to either 1 or 2, THEN you should consider other options. You do NOT want to cut through your bed and rear cab wall right? So that leaves Shallow mount subs or smaller subs. If you are 100% certain there is no way to get what you really want in a way you are willing to get it THEN compromise. What say you?


P.S. I know of some new small subs that pound you may be interested in. I'll tell you once you establish for certain you are NOT doing the twelve.
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