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Re: 1 JL audio 12 w7 or 3 10" shallow mount pioneers?

Originally Posted by 4ofakind View Post
P.S. I know of some new small subs that pound you may be interested in. I'll tell you once you establish for certain you are NOT doing the twelve.

Keep in mind the cab of your truck is small and large subs don't do as well in small spaces. Unless you are just trying to piss off the neighbors, then get as big as you can.

I listen to some bass filled music and a tight 10" in a truck will do just fine if done properly. Also, using the console you aren't limited to shallow mounts, either.

<edit> 10" Kicker L7 would not only fit well, but would look cool and move about as much air as a 12" round. Just a thought.
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