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Re: 1 JL audio 12 w7 or 3 10" shallow mount pioneers?

OK I have decided not to go with the 12" JL Audio W7.

I would rather use the shallow mounts or another sort of small subwoofer. It just makes more since.

I want enough thump to where it sounds good in my truck.

I do not want it rediculously loud (raddling the neighbors windows is what my exhaust is for )

I also want it to look clean, concealed, and near stock for the most part.

With this being said I have several options I can go with. The easy setup I have found is 2 12" shallow mounts behind the seats.

However I would love to make the factory console idea work because I like things that are oringinal and that I have never seen before.

With that out of the way what do you guys think?
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