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Re: MCB Matt (Matts Classic Bowties)

Originally Posted by Getter-Done View Post
I was thinking of going with VA.
But Customer service means a lot.
Can I ask you a few questions?
How was the installation?
Does it work ok?
Would you go back with Factory set-up if you had to do it over?
Getter-Done: Unfortunately I cant answer any of your questions, sorry. I'm in the process of installation right now, modifying the mounting brackets to utilize a factory heater delete plate on the firewall, and cleaning up the firewall for a repaint.

There are tons of guys on the board that have used VA with good results and seem to be happy with their decision. I have a couple buddies that have installed and liked them, and one friend that has probably did 50 installs on various vehicles/trucks, muscle cars, street rods etc, and he recommended the sure fit kit for me.

The unit and all the parts and pieces in the kit seem to be nice quality. The instructions are well laid out and easy to follow, so probably anyone with a moderate level of mechanical ability should be good with installation. Everything came very well packaged too. My gripe was not with the kit, its was with the initial quality control that sent the kit out with a broken nutsert, then sent it out again with a cracked case....and secondly with poor customer service I received from Vintage Air.

If I had it to do over, at this point, I would not have gone with a factory set up since good parts are hard to get (my truck is a non AC truck so I had nothing), the original unit (in my opinion) not as efficient as new systems, they are heavier and more bulky than new I can still use my kick panel vents with the VA set up.
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