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Re: Old Air Products A/C Installation Review

Originally Posted by domeier View Post
I installed the cab side of the hurricane system on my truck some years ago, but ran into trouble with pulley offsets, so never got around to hanging the compressor. I started in on it again this afternoon, and I'll just throw money at it until it's done. I'll put up some photos maybe tomorrow when I get the alternator and compressor mounted. Will have lots of questions about which pulleys to finish it off, and where to get them.
If I had it to do over again, I'd buy a used complete GM system, or just go without aircon. The heater in this unit puts out about 50% of what the Chevy core did, and the defrost is particularly weak. Also, all the plastic parts are really flimsy.

I wouldn't recommend it.
I got to agree I installed this kit in my suburban. Sure it installed ok but perdormance is Total junk. Heat sucks and isnt enough to warm the inside of the cab in the fall. Didn't work well with the 327 and a 180 stat and no better with the 6.0 running a 195. Defrost actually foggs the entire truck up. I wouldnt reccomend using it if heat and defog functions are needed. I also had the high pressure hose fitting break off the compressor.
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