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Re: **do not buy blueprint engines***

I have heard several horror stories about remanded engines from seems like every one.
I opted to go with a brand new Chevy 350 / 330 H.P crate engine . $5200 from summit but totaly complete . Everything there and assembled. Except the serpentine belt system.
When you add it all up , that’s a very fair price for a brand new complete crate motor.
GM warranties it threw the GM dealers . I had one issue right out the gate , bad fuel pump . Had to use my elect pump and it fired right up and runs strong . GM gave me a brand new pump , no questions ask . The crazy thing , some how summit screwed up there paper work and sent me 2 more engines 1 wk apart . I sent them both back but I had a hard time convincing there shipping dept they screwed up. Then after they get them back , they give me a credit on my CC . It took a awhile to get this whole mess worked out.
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