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Re: **do not buy blueprint engines***

Originally Posted by Rickysnickers View Post
This is great to hear, as I am looking at their brand new casting 400 small block,
Ooh Ooh*, me too! Thanks for opening my eyes to these. I loved the stock SBC400 in the'72 K/20 Highlander I had. The only reason I wanted to build a 383 for my '72 K2500 was because a 400 block is pretty hard to find and the no steam hole thing. NEW BLOCK!!

* Like this:
Originally Posted by jeffahart View Post
I agree, and thanks for spending your time and efforts to moderate. This is a great resource. It's nice when a thread moves through the dilemma from start to conclusion. Glad this one had a happy ending for a man and his hard earned bucks.

All's well that ends well.

I don't even consider it moderating. It's just what I personally feel needs to be done to maintain this site's integrity and reputation for being the best site for info on the internet, especially pmce the GM Truck sites started popping up. You are an asset to this place with your info as well. Getting the correct info out is what brought me to registering so I could post after casually lurking a few years. I'd often see what you see everywhere else, guesses and IDKs on things I had the correct info on. What brought me to the internet forums ( www.thedieselpage ) was to gain info on GM 6.2/6.5 diesels back in the late '90s because it seemed nobody around here (shops) knew anything about them. I gained great understanding there and caught the bug for getting more power out of those. Cost me a lot of money!! I did this mod and that mod until I did the ultimate and ordered an all new marine 6.5TD @ 300hp from . The word was always no custom cams due to clearance, but a place had come out with one and I put one in after break-in. I also installed an intercooler. I never would have learned all that talking to people around here and that's nwhy I take info here seriously.

So I'd like to now take the opportunity to apologize for the times I've slipped up and given bad info and thank those who set it straight. This site rocks!
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