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Cool Re: Refurbishing Dog Dish Hubcaps

Originally Posted by slikside View Post
RH, Yes it is, thanks. Time and patience will pay off on this project. I think I had about 6 hrs into each cap, but I had them blasted and powdercoated, so I was starting with a blank slate. I also had to sand all patterns that were painted to let the paint adhere better. My truck is parked outside, but I keep the wheels covered. It's been 5+years, and they look just as good today as they did then.
Perfect example of self-gratifying work. If I had those on my truck as a result of me painting - id be pretty proud. I have the SS caps, so it shouldn't be as labor involved as your white painted. When the tape gets here and I have a free weekend i'll post an updated picture. My luck, i'll get them all done and one will bounce off into someone else's lap.
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