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Re: Refurbishing Dog Dish Hubcaps

Finished the final hubcap last night. The tape I used is listed below. I used the 1/8" around the black and bowtie and then I used the 1" frog tape to build out from that and then newspaper. I tried the 1/4" but I preferred the 1/8"; it seemed to flex better. It took some time taping them up, but it was worth it. After I pulled the tape, I used an Xacto knife to scratch off any spots that the paint bled. The paint used was Krylon Dual Superbond.

Black - Krylon Dual Superbond Black Satin $5
Blue - Krylon Dual Superbond True Blue Gloss $5
1/8" tape - Scotch Artist Tape for Curves (FA2038) $5
1/4" tape - Scotch Plastic Tape (3M 6405) $13
1" Tape - Frog Tape .94" (1358463) $10
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