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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

Originally Posted by fun in dirt View Post
Since so close to having both axles finished, we decided to take advantage of the long Easter weekend to start disassembly. Our neighbor is very gracious & lets us use his tractor at will... this was extremely helpful in getting the Bucket set up on the "operation table".
The stock springs are shot so torching them was the quickest way to get it all out. The 12 bolt & D44 look so little (and are) after fooling with the 1 ton stuff the past few months.
After several hours of scrapping old mud & grease, 1gallon of industrial Greased Lighning, and 2 cans of oven cleaner, the underside was ready and got the pressure washer. Needless to say a long shower was priceless that night.
Please talk to my wife and convince her to come out into the garage and help build our Blazer. I will be watching this build and keep up the great work.
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