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1976 green c10 custom deluxe

Well I think its time to get a thread started on my 76 c10 so you all can can see it and I can document the work I get done on it.

I don't really plan on getting in to deep on it right away because of my limited funds and having other projects on my hands right now but I will be tinkering with it from time to time. If it seems at first that I'm not really doing anything, don't worry, I will start pouring money and time into it eventually. LOL

So anyway...
1976 chevrolet c10 custom deluxe.
2 wheel drive, long bed.
250 Inline six engine. (currently dead)
4 speed manual trany.

Stay tuned for all the good,bad and the ugly on the truck in my next post!
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1965 chevy c20 292 4speed
1976 chevy c10 250 4speed
1998 chevy c1500 4.3L 5speed (My current driver)
1971 mercury monterey wagon 400 auto
To many projects!

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