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Re: front and rear "axle"

Originally Posted by cajundragger View Post
The OP asked for opinion.

I gave opinion based on what I have experience with. I've heard NOLIMIT and Fatman is great, have I used any of their products? no, so I dont comment on their product.

I've used your front end, and hedits. So I compare your front end to heidts and I choose heidts...which is my opnion, again based on the experince I have.

Im not going to create a pissing match with you like your asking me to because I'd really love to counter your post, but I'll let you have this one. I will make a whole new thread if you'd like about my whole scotts experience and what mod's I've done to my front end to make it work like it does. But I'd probably get banned again in the process.
We have a review section for a reason, use it. If you continue to troll the vendor in threads, then yes you will have another account suspension for doing so.
This is the last I expect to see of you following them around crapping in their threads.

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