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Re: BEST ifs-frontclip for a 1949 3100 pu

I'd really like to cut it off and send it back. But then I don't because I've finally invested enough time and money into the whole truck, including the front end, to make it drivable to where I can enjoy it.

I tell you what, if you can tell me exactly what powersteering rack I have on my truck, then I'll drop it.

also, riddle me this....when I first bought my front end it had these poopoo bushings, which went to craap literally before the truck had any miles on it. I had to pay for a new set, no discounted price or anything, and I got the same poopoo bushings. Put them on and rolled the truck around on those for a while, but then those went to crap. Two of them where way worse than the rest so I ordered two more, again at full price. But wait when these came in they where different than the first and second set, and looked to be decent quality. Up until this point the truck had never been driven, only sat around the shop. So this got me to finally make the first drive around the block, in which I then ordered a full new set of energy bushings(which look like the last two I ordered from you) and everything has been fine since. Throughout this whole experience, which covered about ~2.5-3 years, it was always my fault they where screwing up. But its funny how as soon as I order a decent bushing I have zero problems. The problem can't be your inferior bushings, nope..never, which you have seemed to switch out.

Its not worth calling you to rectify the problem, as there is nothing you can do at this point, and I want people to know about this. I was given the cold shoulder from your company, and I made due with what I spent my money on by investing more money and more time. I kept quite only telling people of my experience if they asked for a while but now with some many people praising your product I feel like they need to know its not what it may seem and they need to be careful.

When I bought my front end I was told it would lay my running boards on 255/35/20, lift up and completely untuck the tire, had caster built into it, and could be aligned to run very low.

It has satisfied none of these without my modification.

Im overcome with a feeling of this thread will get me banned once again.
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