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Re: GMCPauls doors

afcamaro I read your email this morning and immediately tried to contact you and finally contacted you by phone. Then I was made aware of this post also so I figured I post here also. So far per our phone conversation and our collaboration on measurements it appears that the passenger door had the hinge mounting plates installed approx. 1/8" off from a original doors location for them. Based on our phone call it appears you should be able to solve this by slotting the holes that the door hinge bolts pass thru on the door hinge some so that the door can be slid further out. I'm terribly sorry this has happened to you and you can rest assured we will get this righted so that you have a good door. I made sure to give you my personal cell phone # to reach me back at and Please definitely do contact me back to let me know if this fix worked. We've had Great luck with these doors and I'm really sorry that you've gotten a set with some minor problems as they've all been basically bolt on and go prior to this. I've had our supplier pull and check through the current inventory on these doors and as of noon today they've been unable to locate any with a similar problem that you've had with either of your doors so it does appear to be a isolated case at this time. My suppliers of these doors has also had a Representative of theirs contact you and he's provided you with his contact info also to try to help.
I'm terribly sorry you had to undergo this has we try to make sure everything we offer is the best available so that our customers do not experience problems. Thankfully it appears that this will be solved with some minor modification to the door hinge bolt opening slot.

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