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Re: GMCPauls doors

afcamaro I'm glad that the idea of slotting the door hinges worked well. Paul Jr did question me why I also didn't suggest the use of shims behind the door hinge as we've removed them from cabs here before in disassembly and I wish I had rembered this when we were discussing options. Not that it helps you any but over a dozen of these doors were pulled from the same lot yours arrived with and they were inspected for the problems your having with yours and none could be found to have a problem and of the doors inspected 3-4 sets of each side were mounted to a cab to check fit and they all were correct, I'm sorry this wasn't the case with yours.
We try to get the very best there is in parts but even the best parts sometimes need a little work to get 100% exact and it really is amazing that something being off just 1/8" requires the work it does to fit correctly.
You have my appoligies for the extra effort you had to go thru to get these to fit correctly.
If you have any further problems with ANYTHING on the trucks restoration whether its a part we sold or someone else or just a general problem related to re-assembly please don't hesitate to contact us as multiple heads working to resolve something generally makes it easier and we've seen and dealt with many of the things that do come up.
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