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Re: GMCPauls doors

Originally Posted by Crash_OK View Post

Any ideas on the best way to slot the hinges? I admit I am not a competent body man, so I am sure it will take me longer than 45-60 minutes to modify the hinges and lower the door hoops..

Myself I would use a carbide burr in a drill press, they make single cut & double cut carbide burrs. The single cut removes metal faster than a double cut does, and of the various styles of carbide burrs I would recomend getting either a ball nose cylinder, oval or flame shaped carbide burr. You can use the carbide burrs in a drill press, drill, or a grinder that has a chucked head. The ball nose, oval, cone & flame carbide burrs having a cutting edge on the tip and sides which is why I would recommend using one of them and if I only had a choice of 1 style for my tool box I would probably recommend the flame or cone shaped as you can use one of them to enlarge a hole from small diameter to larger diameter, or to elongate or slot a hole, or to chamfer metal edges. A single cut is better for fast removal of metal so they get the job done faster than a double cut but if it were thin metal I'm working with then I choose a double cut carbide burr so as not to remove to much to fast.
The double cut carbide burrs look like they would be more aggressive to most for metal removal but trust me the single cuts are the more aggressive of the 2.
Using a drill press with a carbide burr slotting a hinge bolt hole would take maybe a minute to acomplish per hole in something like a door hinge and I'd do it by clamping the hinge to the drill press deck plate. If using a hand drill or hand grinder best is to use one with a handle 90 degrees to drill body as it is better for greater control and using either of those I'd clamp the hinge in a vise.
The first burr pictured is a cone, 2nd is a flame, 3rd is a cylinder burr, and 4th is a ball burr.
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