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Ben, 2 sheets are needed. The sheets are not quite long enough to go from the front to the back laying them long ways. So I positioned them cross ways with the wood going left to right.
Voids are the gaps left in the wood by the flaws during processing. If you look at the edge of the lowest quality plywood, you will see places where wood is missing. These holes hold moisture. The moisture causes the wood to mold and break down quickly (i.e. ply’s coming apart) it also allows the moisture to break the glue down. These are the main problems when using low-grade wood. Marine grade plywood is the best you can get as far as plywood. It has very little to zero flaws in the ply’s.
I left mine plain. You can put a plate or something to cover up the gap. It doesn't bother me.
I placed bolts all the way around the out side and then placed two strips of bolts in the middle. I was more concerned about it rattling and the fit to the frame. My main goal was durability and functionality not looks. Before I put the wood in the bed I coated each sheet several times with Thompson super water seal. It is latex based and it also extends the life of the wood.
I do not have a digital camera. So therefore I do not have any pictures. Sorry.
I went this route because I didn’t want spend $300+ on the kit and then be afraid to put anything in the bed. I have a Pontiac 400 big block in the bed right now. If I had the original wood bed, it wouldn’t have anything in the bed so therefore the whole purpose of the truck is lost.

Good luck

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Marine grade plywood bed(looks awsome)

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