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Truck Info
Manufacturer: *Chevrolet C10
Body: *Pick Up LWB
Year: *1970
Suspension type: Stock
Modifications: *Front Disc Brakes and 2 ”/ 4” Drop
Rear Brakes: *Drum
Steering: *Power

Color Scheme: *Dark Olive / Light Olive Green
Bodyman: *Curt’s Body Shop
Modifications: *None
Paint Type: *Factory Color Scheme
Painter: *Curt’s Body Shop

*Stock (Added Tilt, AM-FM Radio, GM 8 Track, NOS GM-CB Radio, GM Tissue Dispenser )
Color: *Dark Olive
Material: *Vinyl
Wiring: *Painless (?)
Modifications: None
Steering wheel/Column: *Tilt
Air Conditioning: *Factory A/C
Instrument Gauges: *Tach, Fuel, Oil , Water , Volts.

Cubic Inch: *402
Camshaft: *Isky RV Cam
Cylinder heads: *Set up for unleaded.
Valve Covers: *Factory
Intake Manifold: *Factory
Ignition System: *Pertronix
Exhaust type: *2 ” Dual Exhaust SpinTech Tail pipe exiting behind rear wheels.
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: *Quadra-jet
Transmission: *400 Automatic

What is your name? *Dewayne Heck
Please share a few things about yourself. (Bio, family, background, hobbies, your favorite pizza topping, your favorite vacation spot, etc)
*Born in Dayton Ohio.
*Married for over 30 yrs with two children. Nathan (Born 1980) and Jacob (1981-2001). *Pizza Topping-the junk more the merrier.
*Favorite Vacation-San Diego and Europe.
*Favorite food-Fried wild mushrooms & Maid-Rite Hamburgers

How long have you owned your truck?
*Since 2000 Celina TN. Mike’s Salvage Company

What made you decide to buy this truck?
*I was raised on the farm and my dad drove a 1954 Chevy . This was the vehicle that I learned how to drive. Eventually many years later I got it back from my Brother-N-Law. It was in a 6out of 10 condition and like many air heads before me I sold it for $150. I decided in early in 1999 to try and find a 53-54 Chevy ton. Ok summer 2000…I was in Nashville Tn., and on Tuesday afternoon I picked a the Truck Trader and I saw advertised: 1970 Chevy C10 LWB with the following options: CST package, 402BB, automatic, factory AC, tinted windows, buckets with console, gauge package with tach, two tone green. Price $2300. This is now known as the Circuit Rider. Before it was restored my wife said the only time she saw it running was when it was behind a tow truck. : )

How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc?
*My garage.
What do you enjoy about your truck the most?
*It’s classic looks and I enjoy driving my truck around while listening the classic BB sound.
This truck was manufactured in 1970 which was the year that I graduated from high
school. Back then I could not afford a BB car and today I still cannot afford a BB car such
a SS Chevelle or SS Nova. So I have my BB CST Truck.

What was your biggest influence in building your truck?
*I always wanted a BB car so this was as close as I would ever get.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project?
How did you/do you handle it?
*Saved, saved, and saved.

What/who is your favorite/best part source?
*Classic Heartbeat, GMC Paul’s, and this site.

What are some things have helped your project to be a success?
*This truck will be handed down to my son. I am driving my son’s inheritance. : )

What is the history behind your truck?
*I know it was purchased from Tri City Chevrolet in Charlotte NC

What do you use your truck for?
*Fun and it brings back memories of yesteryear.
What is your favorite memory with your truck?
*When Nathan and I picked up my “new” truck, at the first gas fill up the starter went
bad. We left the truck and had a starter put in it and picked up up two weeks later.

What’s your favorite modification done to truck and why?
Suspension drop of 2 -4” with TT II’s installed.

If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why?
*I would have been a little more forceful in getting my truck finished from the body shop.

What are your future plans for your truck?
*Install a Tonneau Cover

What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project?
1. Be patient or else you will lose interest
2. Your restoration will end up costing more than expected

As found in 2000

Now in 2011
A husband can be right...or...A husband can be happy.

67-72 Chevy and GMC Trucks...The Classic Truck for the Classic Folk.

1970 CST Two tone green, 402BB, 400 Automatic, Tach, Buckets, AC, AM-FM, Tilt, GM CB, GM 8 Tract, LWB, etc

JOHN 17:3...The better side of "LIFE"

Remember: Everyday is a good day...Some are just gooder!

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