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Re: Latest project: LS1 70 swb stepside

Not much progress today. The top holes in the driver side 73+ frame stands both lined up. I had to drill one hole on the passenger side. I haven't decided if i will go to the trouble of removing the engine to drill the bottom frame stand mounting holes or just put a couple of tack welds on them. In lining up the passenger side stand in order to drill the hole, i did get adequate exhaust manifold clearance. With this accomplishment, i can keep the f body manifolds. I found some egr block off plates and the exhaust pipe mounting ring/ flanges that correspond with the manifolds inline for $35.

I also worked on converting the stock ls wiring harness to a “stand alone” harness with some help from website and his videos on youtube. Between last night and today, I have about four hours into it and have all the unneeded wires removed, and a few others relocated. Now its time to hunt for a fuse block!

I plan to list a few parts In the parts forum in order to finance this latest “foray”, in case anyone is interested.
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