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Parts Ads ?

First off I am not very tech savvy to be sure but is it possible with a software change to limit the amount of parts ads one person can post at any one time? Seems to be more prevalent than ever before that a dues paying member runs single ad after ad, one part per ad with a run of 12-15 or more. Have seen a few times with as many as 29 parts ads on a single page of 35 thread lines. Seems to be totally excessive and does not allow for other members to post ads having even a bit of a chance to be read. There is a limit of 5 pics per post, can such a 5 lines of parts ads be implemented? Multiple parts can be listed to each ad but only a total of 5 separate at one time.

Again, I am not tech savvy but weren't we all taught to share things way back in childhood and school with consideration to others?
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