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Re: 68 GMC to a 2003 Tahoe chassis

Today I got some work done on the core support. My best friend was over and helped me work through most of the issues. He was a big help! We got the Tahoe core support all torn down and the front end cleaned up a bit.

What we discussed was possibly using the old 68 radiator and getting it fitted with a big block core and adding the necessary outlets to run all the LS stuff, but seeing the budget is tight (Thanks Santa!) right now I'm going to try and use the stock Tahoe radiator. BTW the 68 radiator has the exact outlets and in the correct location as the LS radiator. Thought that was cool! In the long run I will use the 68 radiator because it really cleans up everything under hood.

I went back out to the shop tonight after dinner and got the 68 core support sitting in there with the radiator, the AC, and the trans cooler just loosely sitting in their respective spots. I will have to fab up some mounts for each of them.

LST is now 61 days 11 hours 29 minutes 30 seconds away! I've got to hurry up and get this thing put together!

Stay tuned!
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