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Re: 68 GMC to a 2003 Tahoe chassis

Today was a good day in the shop. I've been working on the rear end on the dually, now I have to change out the bearings, but at least the ring and pinion are in super shape.

On to the 68! I needed to drop the front core support and that meant that I had to cut the front sub frame. So I got all the little bits out of the way and cut at an angle the front sub frame. That way I could lower it however much I needed. I did cut the front Tahoe bumper mounts off so I can make way for the front frame horns off the 68 frame. That way I can mount the bumper without any hassle. I do have to wait to weld it back up until I get the cab mounting all finalized.

I did not take a picture of it but I cut the 2 Tahoe body mounts off that were on the front sub frame. I need to move them back about 4 inches and use them for the core support mounts. Again I have to wait until the cab is finalized before I can weld these mounts back up, but that should not be to long from now.

Stay tuned!
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