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Re: Chevrolet WWII Effort

Furthermore: At the outbreak of WWII the Chevrolet Commercial Body Div. stamping plant was the only plant owned by General Motors Corp., devoted to the manufacture of Truck Bodies for Chevrolet and G.M. Trucks. Naturally, with a product so highly specialized and the only plant making truck bodies in the corporation, this plant in the original conversion (to war) plans was scheduled to remain a source of Civilian and Army Truck.

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor 12-7-1941 made very little, if any, change in the plans for the plant. Trucks were still in major demand in essential War and Civilian Industry, and bodies for these trucks had to be built. The fall of Singapore, the Malay Peninsula, the Dutch East Indies, Burma and the Philippines to the Japanese, cutting off completely our rubber supply made necessary drastic changes in Governmental plans regarding the construction of additional civilian trucks, which, on order of WPB ceased entirely, and curtailed contemplated army truck construction. The change in requirements for truck bodies naturally released both plant capacity and man power for other more essential task.

Plant at the time of WWII

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