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Re: New Member - 72 Jimmy: Project Knuckledragger mountain commuter

Originally Posted by truckster View Post
I wouldn't worry too much about the trans leaking into the transfer case unless it's really bad. The transfer case can apparently operate with dexron in it.
The rear tranny seal leaking is pretty common. Tranny fluid won't cause any harm to your 205. However, keep in mind that if the tcase is fully of tranny fluid, then the fluid that's supposed to be in the tranny isn't there. In other words, keep an eye on the fluid level in your tranny.

And nice choice on the Alcans. I love 'em when my rig is together long enough to drive it. Hard to go wrong with Alcans and Bilsteins.
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Cruiser Crawler Build - 1972 K5 with some stuff

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