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Re: Lets see pics of your truck hauling!!

Here are some pictures that I took of my truck hauling lately.

load of osb at home depot

load of siding that I ripped off a house

load of gravel that weighed in at 2900 pounds

Same load of gravel, truck could have hauled more, tires couldn't

Same load of gravel, still had some suspension travel left. The airbags had about 120 psi in them.

Load of trash that weighed 1800 pounds

I blew it on this one, I forgot to take a picture before I unloaded. all the wood in the pile directly behind my truck (not the wood in the background) came out of my truck. It was about 200' of 6' high wood fencing. I had it stacked higher than my cab and about 2' past my tailgate.

Who says that a shortbed (almost a short bed, still have to cut out another 8") with airbags can't haul!
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