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Re: Making a open sides hard top two options. Looking for suggestions

I try to block things out like ridiculous cost.
I paid way too much for a top to cut apart with delivery it was over a grand. I had spent a lot of time looking and just gave up and bought one from someone who could put it on a truck. Found others for less farther away or people that couldnt help make sure it got on a truck that I would pay to send.

I have not asked the body shop how much a friend owns it and he is always fair with me. I am certain he has never made one so how would he pre guess cost? He is also a client of mine and owns much more then a body shop plus he sold me the K5 out of his personal collection of toys. He wasn't appreciating it like I do but it wasn't for sale either he has a lot of toys in his collection.

I assume I will have $2500 ish in this when finished.
Stupid money yes I know but I have worked hard doing the same job for 35 years or so and I just wanted the damn thing.
I hope it works like I plan as I have had it cross my mind of it blowing off in a huge gust of wind... PG
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