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Re: Correct Spark plugs?

Thank you for the help on the spark plugs Mbeef61! I just went down and bought the correct ones. Looking forward to getting them in. I’m not sure what kind of hassle is involved with returning plugs to rock auto or if it is even worth it, but I guess I will check it out. I have been wanting to do a compression test on this motor for a while. I did the test while I had the plugs out and most of the plugs Landed in the 140 to 155 psi range which I thought was excellent except for cylinder number seven which came out at zero. (Ouch!) That was a surprise because it is a very smooth running engine. It uses some oil and is older so I expected less compression on all of the cylinders but not a dead one. I thought I would pull the valve cover off and see what was going on with the rocker. Are there any other easy to do tests that you might suggest? Thanks!
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