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Re: Need feedback on wheel and tire combo

Originally Posted by Calebs67stepside View Post
The rear is 55" WSM - WSM. We plan to run Coy C5 20x10 (5x4.5) with 3.5" BS mounted to 295/45R20. The fronts will be 20x8.5 (5x5) with 5.25" BS mounted to 255/40R20. The best we can measure is 73.5"from fender lip to lip. Your feedback will be most welcomed to advise us of any interference or better recommendations.
Your rear wheels will have 7.5" on the front side of each wheel.
(7.5" x 2 = 15" total)
Rearend 55" + 15" = 70" total width

73.5 - 70 =3.5" total
3.5" divided by 2 = 1.75" clearance to the fender lip.

You may have to run a 1" spacer to bring the wheels out a little.
Just my opinion on your numbers,...
Convert to disc brakes.
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