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Re: paypal gift option on sales.

Originally Posted by PICKMUP View Post
OK, 3% added to PayPal payments and no more "gifted" payments. I hate to do it, but with the extra $300 a year that I pay the board to sell on here, I can't take any more losses.
I am only quoting you because you put the % on. SO please do not take this as pointing to you.

Using the gift option for anything other than gifting is fraud. Asking people to pay for sales with gifting is essentially tax evasion. There are plenty whom PayPal has gone after.

I fully understand the paying extra cutting into everything. For years this site was run out of pocket and on minimal income. "We" paid fees on any donation sent in via paypal, and taxes on all sent in via money order. It is part of business as a whole. If you know you have 3% fees, then add it to your price. It is no different adding shipping and handling etc.

As for square deal, phone ap etc. I read a little on it, not much, I do need to read more.. but it appears they have a huge complaint rate for the last year.
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