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Re: Volt Gauge Conversion Kits

Originally Posted by leddzepp View Post
The volt gauge only needs a power and ground to work. That power and ground can come from anywhere but it is easiest to get right next door at the temp gauge as shown in my photo.

I suggest those who have a existing amp gauge, remove power from the circuit board by what ever method they see best in there situation.

Great kit, Tom. Mine came today. Thanks.

I read the above, and understand that a 12v and G (1 and 2) run the Volt meter.

Stealing the 12V from the temp gauge with the red #1 from what terminal on the temp gauge?
I'd guess the one at the 3 o'clock position as the picture faces us. But guessing is not smart. Hahahaha!

Also, where do you recommend attaching the other end of the ground wire (black; #2)?

Finally, what is the purpose of the short black wire with the #3 and #4 eyelets?
And, what connection points do you suggest?
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