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Re: My first c10 70 swb fuel injected 6.0

Yea it was. It had a lot of little problems but I knew it before I bought it. The trans was slipping, the studs/studs were messed up ext. I wish the didn't paint it, it's ok but I do my own paint and body so even though it's a 7/10 paint, it make it a lot harder for me to do what I want to it.
I feel like I stole the truck. I traded the kid a 1999 corvette c5 with 170k miles. The corvette is cool but holds no value and it is expensive to repair. The Ac compressor was out, the windshield wouldn't boss, the glove box and center console we're broke and the front bumper had a crack in the fiberglass. I got the corvette from my parents, they went to trade it in for a c6 and they offered 5k, so I said well I'll give you 5 k cash. Turned around and traded it for the c10.. Not bad for a marching number cab frame short bed truck with a 6.0 and 4l65e trans already. Sh!t, just a 6.0 and 4l60 take it is 2k alone. I'm very satisfied with the truck even though I will be redoing everything..
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