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Re: Who has a 67-72 truck for their only vehicle?

I drive my 1969 GMC K15 daily. It’s fun and I enjoy it very much. I will admit it comes with some drawbacks that my wife’s 2014 Silverado doesn’t have. I have to endure talking to people everywhere I go. The gas station, the grocery store, post office even in my own yard. Everyone wants to see it, talk about it and invariably ask me if I want to sell it?
They are usually very understanding when I tell them it’s not for sale. Occasionally they will bring it back up to see if I was sure, yep I tell them I’m sure.
I’m kidding of course, I do love to talk about classic trucks and cars, it’s one of the reasons I do put up with the lack of creature comforts my wife’s truck has. Like suspension, and seat warmers in February, and that little key fob to lock the doors. It sure is handy. Oh and the remote start it’s real nice on a chilly morning.
I know you could add some of that stuff to our old trucks, but then you’ve lost some of the character of them. Catch 22

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