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Re: Nostalgia - Pics in Time.

Originally Posted by LostMy65 View Post
^ So, are the people in the photos you and your grandparents?
So.. The picture with the Ford in the foreground has my mom in the background and my father standing outside the Ford. I am not sure if that is my grandfather in the Ford. It looks like his cowboy hat and partial facial.

In the photo showing the rear of the Burb with the door open kinda confuses me. It is my mom to the left and I believe that I am standing there with maybe my older brother leaning in the Burb due to the height of the person. We didnt move into that house until 1969 and that fender on the right looks like my brother's 66 Polara which gives me the date of around 1973ish. I am just confused as to who the little duck in a cowboy hat is that is next to me.. My younger brother would have been approximately 8-9 yrs old ..

And.. I totaled that 68 Buick Skylark to the left in 1977..
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