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Lower ball joints

Had my 2012 Yukon xl Denali awd in the shop for an oil change.

They mentioned the lower ball joints on both sides are a little loose and recommended to keep eye on then. This was at the dealership I purchased it from last year. On ther way home I stopped at another shop I use on occasion and asked what he charges to do the work. He said these newer trucks are horrible when the joints start to go bad and why soo many have wheels fall off. He also mentioned to replace they aren't typically press out any liner you have to replace the control arm as well.

When I got home I crawled under and took a look. Hard to see if pressed or not, but removing the arm doesn't look too bad. Does it really need replaced in the awd Denali? How bad of a job is it for the average shade tree guy? Ie any special tools, etc.? It appears 2 bolts to frame, the strut, remove from spindle and possibly pull the axle to gain room.

They also mentioned a wheel bearing on passenger side as well, so guessing that's the time to do the job.

I've looked and most kits do include the spindle with the ball joint. Im assuming alignment is needed after, so should I replace the uppers ar same time?
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Bob B.
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Re: Lower ball joints

Most of these trucks the lower ball joints press into the control arms, while the uppers are part of the upper control arm assembly and are not serviced separately. You would need a ball joint press to replace the lowers, and they are staked in so sometimes they are a bit difficult to remove. I usually remove the knuckle, bearing/hub assembly and driveshaft, and leave the lower control arm on the truck and use a ball joint press. If you are going to use a large vise to get the ball joint out you would probably have to remove the lower arm as well. An alignment is always a good idea after replacing ball joints.
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Re: Lower ball joints

I just got done doing mine but on a 96 2wd. I used a ball joint press. Your local advance auto will loan you the press if you don’t have one. I replaced upper and lower. If your going to replace the bottom, might as well do the top as well. On mine, the top are not pressed in. They’re riveted in. If you have a grinder and a air hammer, that will do the trick.

Hope this helps.

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