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Part Help???

Besides from buying the threshold plate sets with bowtie from LMC Truck as picture below, does anyone else sell this part or know where to get them at?

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Just about all the board vendors sell them.
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After talking to tech support at Air Lift I have found out that the kit I need is 60811. Per the measurements I gave them. Ride height of truck inside spring and inside diameter of springs.
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Re: Part Help???

Do you still have your originals? Because my 1970 C10 still had the original thresholds and they appeared (initially) to be hopelessly rusted. And you cannot use electrolysis to remove rust on anything chromed - (due to hexavalent chromium toxicity and not to mention illegal and dangerous to dump the solution), so that option was out..

But I obtained a three foot section of ABS plumbing pipe from Home Depot and glued a 3" abs pipe cap on one end to form a deep narrow container; and filled the pipe with molasses (I think it was three 12 ounce jars) and a little water.. I put both of the rusty thresholds in there and stored it with a bungie cord holding it upright- and you can't be in a hurry because they sat for about a month while I was doing other things - but when I took them out they easily brushed clean down to good metal and I was able to prime and paint with urethane catalyzed paint and reuse those original thresholds - 45 years old....

Downside is they don't necessarily look stock because they are painted instead of chromed - but at least they are original and they could always be re-chromed in the future.

It would have been tough to clean them up by hand or with any kind of wire wheel or abrasive method; although probably a sandblaster would have a similar result..

Hope that helps and sorry no photos
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Re: Part Help??? here are some, good price $19.00 each
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Talking Re: Part Help???

are you talking about the door sill plates? the ones that screw the down and hold the carpet? Classic parts has them, as do most of the vendors here.
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