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Angry AAAEngine

We purchased a re-manufactured D16Y8 (Honda Civic) engine from this outfit.

The experience as quite negative from the outset.
The sales staff was very responsive right up to the moment when money changed hands; not so much afterwards.

I was given a delivery estimate and, soon after, a tracking number. It turns out that the tracking number was for a small part being delivered to someone else that was expected on the day I was told I could expect delivery.

When this time came and went (10 days after purchase) I contacted the firm (this took numerous phone calls) and was eventually told that there had been a delay due to them changing delivery services and that they would get me the correct tracking number within a day or 2. I was given vague, irritated excuses when I asked why it takes days to get a valid tracking number. I asked for and was given the name of the shipper.

I contacted the shipper directly and they had no knowledge of the shipment at all.

Several days later I was contacted with shipping information from a different shipper. As it turns out; the engine was never schedule for pickup until 2 days *after* I called to find out why it had not arrived. Not only was here a 2 week delay in shipping; I was repeatedly lied to about the status.

The engine itself was very poorly re-manufactured, including a missing compression ring on #4, being improperly indexed and several intake studs being stripped.

Of course; no warranty since I installed the motor (like my installation could cause those problems.)

There are a lot of re-manufacturing places; steer clear of this one.
Over $2000.00 later; my daughter's 96 Civic still doesn't run properly and we have reached the point of choosing not to throw good money after bad and are disposing of it.

Here is sampling of experiences others have had (wish I had read these first)
11 Lincoln MKT -- Momma's wagon
13 G37xS -- middle age crazy car
68 C20 Fleetside -- RIP
Decorating the whole town up at a cost of $27 ....

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