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Old 07-17-2018, 11:00 AM   #1
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CPP strikes again

I ordered a brake kit from CPP, through Summit Racing,

I received the kit about two weeks after ordering. A little slow, but then I wasn't in a hurry. I opened up the boxes to examine the parts I received.

I looked for instructions. Yes, I actually read them . I was surprised when I didn't find any. I looked at their online library and didn't find any there either. I called them and was sent a link to another brake kit, despite giving the rep. the kit # I had. So, those were no help.

I thought I got all the parts and started to pull off my old pieces and replace them with the new stuff. There were no bolts included to attach the spindle bracket to the caliper bracket. These are sizeable, 5/8" x 2 1/4".

Again, another call to CPP. The rep. took my info and said he was going to have to go through a manager in order to get the bolts to me. I thought that was a little ridiculous, they are bolts for Pete's sake. It took over a week to get them sent to. I live two hours south, driving time, of CPP. It took five days for the company to just approve the sending of said bolts.

There are spacers included with this kit. I was assuming, due to the length of the bolts, that the spacers went between the two brackets. Well, the spacers are 1/2" id. The bolts are 5/8". Guess what? They don't fit.

Another call to CPP. The third rep. told me that he thought I didn't even need to spacers. I asked about instructions. He said that due to the low production of this particular kit, they don't make instructions. He said just bolt the two brackets together and then space out the caliper.

Now the caliper bracket has 5/8" holes for the caliper mount bolts. Those are metric. They are essentially 1/2", but just a tad larger. I asked this same third rep. about this. Meaning there seemed to be about 1/8" of play between the bolt and the hole. He said that was ok, that the caliper would just center itself.

I tried bolting the two brackets together. I cannot. The caliper bracket interferes with the TCI spindle. So, I ordered some spacers of the same overall length. I will see if the everything goes together after that. If not, this kit will be returned.

I am very displeased/disappointed so far. I want to try to get this kit to work correctly, without modify any of the parts.
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Re: CPP strikes again

Sorry about your ordeal. Downright shameful quality/service. I don't expect to ever buy a thing from them. They may do some things right (sometimes?) and some have had no issues, but they don't sound like a business I want to deal with.
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Re: CPP strikes again

Thanks, I won't do it again either. I was hoping this would work out. If it doesn't, it will be boxed up and shipped back, at their expense.
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