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Old 01-08-2018, 01:17 PM   #26
Carpe manana

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Re: Inline Tube

Wanted to bump this thread with my recent Inline Tube experience.

Nearly every part Inline Tube sent for my current Blazer build was incorrect. The parking brake components were for a 3/4t truck. Just discovered the charcoal can lines are for an unknown application and I'll likely clean and reuse my OEM pieces for that.

Rather than put Wes through another round of pain with Inline I personally called to order the brake hoses and explained to the sales guy my issues with the parking brake pieces. Yeah, he sent the correct kit per their catalog for a 4wd 72 Blazer but the kit erroneously calls for 15" long front hoses that by Inline's own catalog are for a mid-70's passenger car and are not the 19" correct hoses for a 72 GM K truck.

My initial email to Daniel Sheppard, salesman with Inline, regarding the erroneous brake hoses went unanswered so I disputed the charge with my credit company. Later Pete with Inline calls me and we go around and around about their error. Pete agreed to send a prepaid mailing slip to return their hoses. I've been credited my money. What kills me is the arrogant unfriendly tone of Pete who on my follow-up call says it's low on his priority list to investigate whether or not Inline has correct front brake hoses for 71-72 K trucks - terrible attitude that probably reflect the poor corporate culture at Inline Tube.

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Grumpy old man
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Re: Inline Tube

I saw their ebay ad for 67 short bed manual brake line complete kit for $155.00 Before ordering thru ebay I called them directly to make sure exactly what the kit contained to make sure I was getting what I wanted and just ordered with them while I had them on the phone ... Well it shows up and all that's in the box was the rear section ,They charged me for the complete kit and when I called to get it straitened out it turned into a screaming argument over the phone , After about 30 minutes they refunded me $55.00 and told me by calling them directly I should expect to pay full retail and the ebay price for the kit was only if I ordered thru ebay

I wouldn't buy anything from them Terrible customer service .
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Old 01-08-2018, 03:39 PM   #28
In The Ten Ring
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Re: Inline Tube

I bought a pump to carb stainless steel pre-bent line from leaked horribly at the carb end.
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Old 01-08-2018, 04:10 PM   #29
One of the First
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Re: Inline Tube

My last experience with these guys didn't go very well too. Absolutely no help in figuring out the part selection in there catalog. I just ate the leftovers when I converted my 1970 C30 to discs and 14 Bolt rear end. But, everything fit well after I figured what I needed.

Kinda like, if you buy it from inline, its yours forever.
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B. W.
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Re: Inline Tube

BAD x 2

1st TIME: '71 GMC lwb 3/4 4wd - ordered complete brake line set, spec'd D60 rear. the front half was not exact but close enough, the rear 1/2 was no where close to the OE lines, ended up bending my own.

2nd TIME: Tried them again for my parking brake cables - no go. Multiple e-mails & calls & weeks later had to have "custom"" length rear cables made (for a stock truck!)
I had to pay for the new cables. Not going to argue with them, just will not use them again!

WILL NOT BE A THIRD TIME - this ain't baseball, they don't get three strikes!
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Re: Inline Tube

I used inline tube parts when I did the brakes on my '56 Chevy car. They were close, but not quite. I had to alter the bends slightly on the long piece. Also, the e-brake cable was a little different than original, so I almost ran out of adjustment by the time I got it so it would hold tight.

Consequently, when the long piece of line on my C20 needed replaced, I just bought the line and some fittings and made it myself.
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In The Ten Ring
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Re: Inline Tube

Companies should stand by their products and do a refund or exchange easily.

What little bit they'd lose in restocking they'd more than make up for with satisfied customers. A happy customer, treated fairly, will become a lifelong (and free) advocate.
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Thumbs up Re: Inline Tube

Thanks for all the info guys.I will bend my own and argue with myself if i get it wrong.I'm happily married so i got that part down pat.
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In The Ten Ring
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Re: Inline Tube

Originally Posted by OL SKOOL View Post
Thanks for all the info guys.I will bend my own and argue with myself if i get it wrong.I'm happily married so i got that part down pat.
Good choice! I bent my own fuel lines after a lot of advice and encouragement found on this site. TxFirefighter had the most influence on me I think.

Get a bender from ebay and a flaring kit from wherever. I bought a double flare kit from Craftsman, ordered it through the local Sears (which is now closed, very sad).

I used a lot of Poly Armor tubing from the local Napa store. I bought a cutter from amazon I think. Mine is a Rigid.

It's best if you work slowly, using your originals as a guide, and do your bending on a workbench. You will screw up many times, just be patient. Always wear safety glasses when under a vehicle.
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Special Order
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Re: Inline Tube

While I agree Inline has abrasive customer service, I have nothing but top notch parts come from them. I have always felt they provide a great service toward a quality restoration. The abrasiveness I took as meaning they are more of a business to business operation. This is how I find most businesses my business deals with. They act like they are there for people who know what they need and not to explain anything. The problem is now they are selling to the general public, even Ebay, and customer service is part of that thing that brings all that money in. I hate when I post a complaint about a bad experience and others come on saying they had a great experience. "Well good for you. Consider yourself lucky. All I know is you would be as pissed as I am if the same thing happened to you." So I'm not doing that. Just trying to put some perspective on it. I now know, although I have had nothing but good experiences with them, I have new beneficial info to hopefully help toward assuring my next order goes as well as others. f I don't like his responses to my questions toward assuring a smooth experience, I won't carry the order out!
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