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performance air filter

I know theres a lot of k&n fans here,so I got this new green high performence filter from a joober i deal with back bout 6000 miles ago,this is in a 93 s10 witha 4.3 z engine.its a 4wd xcab.
Now i know its not a 350 but good just the same imo.
anyway this filter has really seem to give it some need pep,and in 6000 miles its not even ready to be cleaned yet.
I have never been one to like all the try this and gaine 15% more hp,but i like this so far,and there a lot less than K&N.
Heres a link if any body wasts a web page anyway.
the filter i got was like 36 dollors and the cleaning kit was 10.57.
like i said i'm not a beleaver in voodoo power but this is good.
thanks for the time .....TODD
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