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Old 02-10-2011, 06:09 PM   #51
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Re: Why we do it?

Originally Posted by original-71 View Post
besides all the thumbs up,honking and seeing people in the rear view mirror coming 80mph on the freeway then slamming on there brakes as they get close to the truck, i fell in love with these trucks back when i was about 9 years old. my uncle had a 72 short bed cherry red chromed out engine just beautilful, one time he pulled out to a side road and told me "boy iam only gonna show you this one time" he lit up the tires and i remember having a smile from ear to ear.sadly he had to sell it to buy a house and now iam that drives him around in mine.
That's a great memory, but I have to ask, Have you ever used that line on him?

"boy i am only gonna show you this one time"

Reminds me of my son and how sad he gets when I tell him the truck isn't running for some reason or other, He gets bummed.
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Re: Why we do it?

hes the only uncle out of 12 that i have that is into cars, so im pretty close to him and to be honest when he does ride with me he wants me to just cruise so he can enjoy the ride, he gets that regret feeling everytime he sees mine but he did what he had to do for his family at the time now he is working on 67 chevelle so i cant wait till he gets back into his own classic
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Re: Why we do it?

i love these storys... my 69' is resting at the moment but every where i went in my truck i got at least 1-4 looks.. weather they were cool trucks looks, or wow what a pile.. it dosent matter to me cause at least my truck caught there attenton one way or another.. my girl loves my 69 so much now im working on a 68 stepside for her..(good valentines day gift).. i also get a lot of looks in my 69'datsun521 mini truck, usually as they pass me.. its completly stock and slow as hell.. its ok tho thats why i have a 454 in my c-10... thank you all for the stories and keep them comming...
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Old 02-10-2011, 07:41 PM   #54
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Re: Why we do it?

The reason we do it is JUST THAT! Don't know how many times I have been one of my own cars/trucks, and got the " thumbs up " or a kind word from someone. Sure does make all of those days when your truck did not want to cooperate with whatever you wanted it to do.

Or how about when some piece of you truck had been giving you trouble, and you finally fixed ' it ' and THEN you get a compliment. That is really it!!
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Old 02-10-2011, 08:49 PM   #55
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Re: Why we do it?

A couple years ago I got a very strange thumbs up on my truck. As I was driving it to work one morning I looked in my rear view to see a state trooper speeding up on my rear so decided to pull to the shoulder. As I sat the only thing I could think of is my 128 decibel exhaust or the collector plates that I have that are not legal to use for commuting back and forth to work and is a $1000.00 fine. As the trooper walked around my truck he had this to say. How long have you been working on this truck and if I new the paint code. I answered the questions and he said that he has seen me driving this to work for about a year that this is his commute home. I still see him today on his way home and still gives me thumbs up.
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Re: Why we do it?

My truck isnt much to look at. Truck guys always ask if its forsale But mostly I get the "What happened to your suburban??" question I just tell'em its home chillin, I would rather drive this one Thats when they look at me like I'm crazy. My wife dont understand it either. My 2 little girls 8and 10yrs old love my C-10. They said everytime we go riding in that old truck I get them something. We usually go to Harbor Freight, Walmart, Napa and then to Burger king or Sonic drive in... its just something about that old truck.
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Smile Re: Why we do it?

my truck has overall been awesome to me. the other day sittin in bojangles gettin some lunch before work i saw two kids, probably about 10 or 12 poking their head out the window checkin out my truck, the dad asked em what kind it was and the kids said "its a chevy" i thought it would have made a cool truck commercial haha

sometime last year i was drivin from myrtle beach, sc back into clemson, sc when alternator decided to come apart...yeah so i'm in the middle of ****ing nowhere sc tryin to find a parts store on a sunday at 530. i luckily found an advanced so i pull in the truck is sputtering and what not b/c of not enough volts to run the hei. i get out and tell em i need an alternator and a belt for it. so i'm in the parkin lot changing parts(dont go on extended trips w/o tools, dad taught me this when i was lil) and even though my truck hadn't been washed in weeks the hood was up and apart i still got compliments. gotta love it.
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Re: Why we do it?

I am building my truck for me, because I enjoy it. I want to smash the gas and smoke the tires. I want to look at it and say "Wow, that's a pretty nice truck". I want to look at it and say "I built that". If other people enjoy it too...that is a bonus. My kid better like it 'cause he'll be the one that gets it after I get to use it a little, damn kids get everything.
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Re: Why we do it?

I haven't been driving mine but for a few weeks now but I have noticed one repetitive thing. I have no rear bumper installed. Cars will stop or slow in the next lane slightly behind the tailgate and I can see the driver checking out the undercarriage. Checking out the entertaining arrangement of trailing arm, coil spring, shock absorber, spare tire, exhaust pipe, & license plate hanger I suppose.
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Re: Why we do it?

I got two just today. I was sitting in the local pizza joint having lunch and another guy in there says to me "That a 67 or 68? I can't see the fenders" I tell him it's a 68 and we have a nice conversation about trucks in general and these in particular. He had owned a few in his day. And then I was at the store and when I came out a guy in the car parked next to me asks "What motor you got in that 68"? I tell him it's a 250 and he asks "3 on the tree"? No, I tell him it's a 4 speed and then we had a nice conversation about these trucks. He used to have a 68 with a 3 on the tree. And he wants another one.
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