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Not A Good Day (Wrecked My Truck)

First thing to tell you all is that I am okay, save a badly bruised left elbow and some sore muscles, shoulder and hip stiffness. I can tell you that my seatbelt saved my life as the truck would have ended up on top of me. Even though it was only a lap belt, it held me in the truck.

I didn't hit any other cars, and had lost control making a quick left hand turn onto a rural state highway. I ended up in the far ditch, and hit it pretty hard. I'll spare all the details, and if anyone really wants to know them, I can tell you in a PM.

The frame might be tweaked, and there might even be some cab damage. The radiator support was pushed back 3 inches on the drivers side, and the front bumper is pushed under the truck. The hood is bent pretty bad on the passenger side where it hit the cowl. The drivers side front fender is toast, and there's not much straight metal anywhere from the cab forward. The grille might be able to be saved, along with the headlight bezels.

So not sure what we're gonna do at this point. Just waiting for the weather to get decent so we can push it out of the garage and pull it apart to assess the damage. Of course all I have for insurance is plain old liability, so having any kind of kickback from insurance isn't gonna happen.

The engine, tranny, rear end, and my old school ET slots made it through unscathed. So if worse comes to worst I can always transplant those into another truck.

One thing I can say is that I wasn't prepared for this at all. You never think it can happen to you. I've owned some form of a hot rod for the last 30 years, and this is the first one I've ever had any kind of accident in. I'll keep you guys updated. I'll be snapping picks as we tear it apart.

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My 1972 GMC 1500 Super Custom (Creeping Death) "long term" build thread.

The Rebuild of Creeping Death after the wreck

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I would never rebuild a 305.
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I love using vacuum gauges as part of the carb tuning process. I hook the gauge to the inside of my garbage can and leave it there.
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