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Help with inside roof bow install

I need to see how the in side roof bows attach. i know the rear bow has screws to attach but the center bow has me scratching my head, any help or a photo would be awesome, thanks for all your help.
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Re: Help with inside roof bow install

late 49 and up is a floating bow. meaning you install the front headliner section, then the bow slides on the front section straight, then you slide the rear section in and mount the rear bow with screws.

thats teh way it SHOULD work, with a cardboard headliner though I have fit the center bow to the front section, pinched it a little to hold it, then installed the front section with the center bow intact, then drilled two holes in the center bow, one on each side by the windlace, and screwed it too the cab with a pan head screw. then I was able to install the rear section. your results may vary, it might go right in the first way. I havent been that lucky.
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