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Old 10-15-2019, 08:33 PM   #1
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Finding my 85 K10

I know this is a huge long shot, like winning lottery long shot, but I was hoping to find my 85 K10 from my younger days. Here are the details I remember of the truck I bought new in 85 in Western Pennsylvania:

1985, K10 4WD, SWB. Original paint was black, red interior, manual transmission (3 speed on floor with creeper low gear), 350. Non-Air condition truck. Was plain Jane truck, not a Silverado. Had manual windows, no power locks.

My dad gave the truck to a guy in Monroeville PA to scrap it but no clue if it ever got scrapped. The body was rough but frame and engine was still good. This would have been around 1996-1997. I know this is a needle in haystack but the one key feature that someone would recognize on the truck was the door windows were etched in lower rear corners with a rose/flower pattern, and the passenger side vent window would have been etched also (the drivers side got broken in an attempted theft and never re-etched)

If anyone knows of this truck in Western PA, Ohio, WV please reach out to me. Id love to get it back and restore it back to what it was in my college days. Obviously I can recreate what I had but not looking to do that as Im looking for my original truck.

Any leads please email me at or 313-333-0399

Mike Luzader
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Ol Blue K20
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Re: Finding my 85 K10

Best of luck to you. This will be a needle in the haystack to say the least.
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Re: Finding my 85 K10

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Old 11-06-2019, 08:15 PM   #4
Factory Guy
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Re: Finding my 85 K10

Simplest way to do it, IF you have the vin#

Do a search on Google. If nothing comes up, set up an alert in Google to have it email you when it comes across that vin

(That way you do not have to do the looking each day, just check your email).
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Re: Finding my 85 K10

man good luck with your search, hope you find it. But if it was rough at 10 years old it probably is or was a whole lot worse at 30 years. Might be best to find a "tribute" truck.
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Old 11-15-2019, 06:01 PM   #6
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Re: Finding my 85 K10

I had to laugh at the haystack comments. You acknowledged the unlikelihood of finding your truck in your very first sentence about winning the lottery. In fact if you consider that most lotteries' odds are more than one in a million, finding a needle in a haystack is pretty good odds. You could probably do it in a day or two -- faster with a good magnet, haha. Anyway, I can't help but wonder if your DOT can reference your automotive ownership history for the VIN. I assume if you had the VIN you would have posted it here. Truth be told, this is about the best place you could post this. Many of us notice every square body that goes by us, and etched windows are pretty uncommon.

If only that truck will do, you are in a rough spot considering the "gave for scrap" element in your story. From that perspective I agree with the hay-stackers and think that it's perfectly valid to start looking for the pieces you had / wanted on your truck back then + a talented glass etcher. Good luck, and we'd love to see you build it!

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Re: Finding my 85 K10

You are in Texas, just get an AC truck thats similar. It's not like you delivered your first born child in there.

Not to mention the best bet is to look in the junk yards nearest the area you sold it. If you dont find it assune it was crushed.
1982 K10 Silverado SWB 350/465/208
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