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New member interview

I should have done this earlier, having used this forum for many ideas and answers. When I get to know more of this site I will find out how to post pictures and updates to my build. I learn as I go but not very computer oriented beyond Word and Excel, so I do appreciate help.

Truck Info
• Manufacturer: Chevrolet
• Year: 1972
• Suspension type: Leaf Spring
• Front Brakes: Stock Disc
• Modifications: 700R4, AC, Elec Mirrors and windows, rear frame fuel tank and pump, stainless steel fuel and brake lines.
• Rear Brakes: Stock Drum
• Steering: Factory power steering
• Front differential type / Gears: GM 44/ 4.09
• Rear differential type / Gears: GM HO-72/ 4.10
• Tire and Wheel Size: LT 235/85 R16/ 16

• Color Scheme: Solid Hugger Orange
• Bodyman: Me and some help
• Modifications: Plugged stake pockets, side marker fuel door, removed cab fuel fill, one piece window glass with late model power mirrors molded in, Vintage Air AC under dash with firewall filled in. Energy Suspension body mounts, springs, and transfer case.
• Paint Type: Glasurit single stage
• Painter: Custom Automotive Restoration

• Color: Undecided
• Material: Unknown
• Upholsterer: Haven’t found them yet
• Wiring: American Autowire
• Modifications: AC, Windows, Mirrors, Fuel Pump, HEI Ignition
• Steering wheel/Column: Stock
• Stereo/Speakers/Amps: Undecided, but like to modify stock radio for CD and IPod
• Air Conditioning: Vintage Air with stock outlet bezels.
• Instrument Gauges: Stock

• Cubic Inch: 350 Crate Engine
• Manufacturer: GM
• Camshaft: Stock
• Cylinder heads: Stock
• Valve Covers: Stock
• Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Performer EP
• Ignition System: GM HEI
• Exhaust type: Stock with Flowmaster 50s
• Carburetor or Fuel Injection: Holley 4160 600cfm
• GM Serpentine Belt System with reverse rotation water pump, power steering pump, 100 Amp alternator, and AC compressor

• Automatic / Standard: Automatic 700R4 with Advance Adapters output shaft
• Torque Converter: Stock
• Modifications: 4th gear lockup
• Shifter type: Stock
• Drive Shaft: Stock

• What is your name? John Shull
• Please share a few things about yourself. (Bio, family, background, hobbies, your favorite pizza topping, your favorite vacation spot, etc) Married with two grown daughters and three grandkids. Retired from the fire service in 2012 and now looking to finish rebuilding my 1972 Chevy K20 that I tore apart in 2008 (thinking that I would just repair a few things). I am the third owner of this truck and it has never left Scappoose. I know the original owner and my best friend was the second owner. For fun I ride a H-D Softail around the country to see the best that America has to offer away from the interstate.
• How long have you owned your truck? Since 1992
• What made you decide to buy this truck? It reminded me of my Dad’s 1972 C-10.
• How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc? What do you enjoy about your truck the most? Right now the pieces are in the garage. Before the teardown I dove it daily to work until the girls got old enough to drive and then they convinced me that they had pressing needs to pry it away from me. They used it to pull each of their class floats in their high school homecoming parades. It worked well for hunting trips and always brought that feeling of security and confidence of performance. It has the classic lines and style that makes me smile.
• Who or what was your biggest influence in building your truck? My Dad. He rebuilt a 1972 Chevy C-10 that rolled back in 1972 when he worked the body shop of the local Chevy dealer. He was proud of the job he did and said it was the best riding truck he knew of.
• What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project? How did you/do you handle it? One has been changing transmissions. I decided that the common reference point would be the position of the crossmember and that the drivelines could remain the same and the shifter would stay the same. I bolted the transmission to the transfer case and mounted it in the original location and then installed the engine noting the difference I needed to move the engine mounts forward and then used a lesson found in the forum to relocate the transmission shifter linkage. The other was locating the fuel filler in a hidden location. I found the answer in the forum and worked out well.
• What/who is you favorite/best part source? I have used several suppliers to find what I have needed so far.
• What are some things have helped your project to be a success? This site has given me the answers to questions that local knowledge or the internet do not go back that far.
• What is the history behind your truck? The truck was originally bought by a man living in the same town. He used to drive around with his grandson who later became a co-worker and friend. Cliff (named after his Grandfather) would tell me stories about riding around in the truck with his grandfather that we would find evidence still in the truck. Cliff had the truck until 1990 and sold it to Don who is my best friend and lived a few blocks away. I got used to seeing it drive by daily and mentioned that I would love to have a truck like that. One day Don stopped by and said that he was selling the truck so he could build a new house. I told him I wanted it and I have had it ever since. Cliff’s grandfather passed away last year but we still talk about the truck.
• What do you use your truck for? (hauling, cruising, daily driver, shows, drag racing, work truck, mudding etc): Over the years it has done most of these, but mostly daily driving, hauling stuff or garbage, running errands for the fire department, going to classes, hunting, taking the dogs to field trials and hunt tests, and trips to see family out of state.
• What is your favorite memory with your truck? Taking my Dad for a ride in it before he died.
• Whats your favorite modification done to truck and why? The vintage Air AC modification was the first one I did after I tore it apart. I followed the article in Custom Classic Trucks magazine and then built a mount for the controls where the ash tray was and then took out the heater controls and built a box to mount in the same location for storing cell phone, keys, wallet, etc. This cleaned up the dash, the firewall, and gave me heat and air conditioning to ride in comfort in my old age.
• If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why? I have always wanted a big block in the truck. It came stock with the 350 small block and I bought a low mileage 8.1L and Allison out of a wrecked late model pickup. I could not find anyone to help me with figuring out the wiring so I sold it and bought a stock GM crate engine. I know now that there are several shops that can supply the right harness to make the 8.1L work in my truck. I should have kept the engine.
• What are your future plans for your truck? Get it put back together and enjoy it. I have decided that it will not get in the mud again or where there are risk of scratches! It has a spot in the garage.
• What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project? Don’t get wrapped up with the size of it, break it down into small jobs, take a break when the stress comes up, ask for help when you are unsure or it needs an extra hand.
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