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Truck Info
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Year: 1972
Suspension type: 4/6 Drop
Front Brakes: Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum
Tire and Wheel Size: 15x8 front; 15x10 rear

Color Scheme: Blue & White
Bodyman: Me & my son
Painter: First time Geo. Second time Classy Coachworks (yes a second time thanks to a couple of worthless 2 bit POS punks with a key & a large foot)

Color: Black/Blue
Material: Leather/Suede Carpet,Metal
Upholsterer: Forget his name but he's really good.
Wiring: Factory
Modifications: Cowl Induction hood, Billet Grill,shaved antenna,1 pc windows(tinted) Blazer tank W/ sidemarker fill,shaved stake pockets,tailgate handle relocated to the inside,clear sidemarker/tail light/parking light/turn signal lenses w/led bulbs,inside of cab sprayed w/bedliner material,1000 watt amp w/2-10" subs under the seat,keyless entry w/DEI alarm w/ignition kill,Grant GT steering wheel
Air Conditioning: 2 Windows & 2 floor vents

Cubic Inch: 350
Manufacturer: Chevy (crate motor w/ various chrome & polished aluminum goodies) painted body color
Exhaust type: Flowmasters that need to be replaced.

Automatic / stock turbo 350
Shifter type: sloppy

Mike Smith
Married 29 years to the most amazing woman ever.
2 kids, 1 girl(24) 1 boy(21). I am a Truck Driver (although the way guys seem to drive these days I'm embarrassed to tell people what I do for a living) This Aug will be 31 years for the same company!(where did the time go?) I have recently become addicted to Salt Water Reef tanks(these suckers are as expensive and time consuming as trucks) This is actually my sons truck. When he turned 16 I sold my hot rod & gave him part of the money to help him get started on his addiction(it worked) He worked all through High School 2 jobs at times to finance his truck.

What is your favorite memory with your truck?
My favorite memories are all the times my son & I spent out in the shop doing his truck. We spent about 2 years on it so it kept both of us off the streets & I knew where he was all the time from age 16 until 18. Another fond memory was just after we finished it he put it in a show, that was fun. A sad memory was when he called me one day & said " someone keyed my truck down both sides,the tailgate,hood & finished it off with a foot to the drivers door" Everything had to be repainted but the roof! State Farm never balked a bit($10,000.00 bill) My wildest dream for his truck is when he finishes college he will say "pops, since you guys paid for my schooling you can have my truck" I"m sure I will have to be content with driving it while he's away @ school

What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project? If you are married, throw ALL receipts away or your wife will find them & you will pay at some point in your marriage.
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Great minds think alike,So do ours

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