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A trucks past life makes for a frustrating present

Itís taken me 8 hours total over the last 3 days to get all the wiring out of of my truck. And easily the frustrating and annoying part is tracing a wire which has been zipped tied to some other wire and electric tapes to another all the way back to the end to find out it goes to nothing. Itís just a wire for nothing. I found wires spliced into the lights that were routed to the back of the cab and nothing.

Anyway itís all out now and I can clean up the cab properly and install the new (old) harness.

Sorry I just needed to vent. This truck has had so many wires added over the years itís surprising the Vegas sign is not hooked up to it.
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Re: A trucks past life makes for a frustrating present

That's what I was finding on mine too. Most of the butchery on my harness was in the back of truck, where somebody did a very interesting job of adding a trailer connector. The front light harness was a bit rough as well.

I pulled everything out, and am working on building a new harness from scratch. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been quite so hasty about scrapping everything. The cab wiring was actually very good, aside for bad corrosion in the fuse box(evidently cow-manure-covered-boots will do that). I should have kept all the cab wiring intact, and moved it over to a new fuse box. But that ship has sailed already. I'm far enough down the "new-wiring" road that I'll keep plugging on.
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Re: A trucks past life makes for a frustrating present

Just finishing up swapping butchered harness for a new\old one too. Challenging to say the least.I

My best I found was in an f350 I had. Trouble with a taillight. Found 21 splices in the five wire taillight harness.
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Re: A trucks past life makes for a frustrating present

Honestly I buy junk n fix em up for a little profit, but I keep spare harnesses around for me to fix so when I get one that's REALLY buggered up I just swap it in.
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